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Pet Loss - Middletown, OH

“A pet is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Faced with losing your friend? You’re not alone. We understand that the loss of a pet can cause overwhelming emotional pain. Let us help you honor the memory of your beloved pet by planning a personalized cremation service. We promise to treat you and your pet with respect and compassion. 

We know how difficult the loss of a pet can be. We are here to help you with a caring alternative for pet owners. Many people cannot emotionally handle the thought of leaving their pet at a veterinary clinic to be disposed of by the vet’s office. They may see backyard burial as a viable alternative, however this is not recommended for the following reasons:

cremation services

  • Possibility of relocation
  • City codes may prohibit such action
  • Emotional stress involved

Baker-Stevens-Parramore Funeral Home can alleviate many of the problems involved with pet death and burials. We provide 24 hour phone service, which allows you to reach us in your time of need. We will pick up the pet from the veterinary clinic during regular business hours or you may drop off your pet at our funeral home by appointment during regular business hours.



“In The Loss of Your Pet”
There must be a heaven for the   
animal friends we love.
They are not human, yet they
bring out our own humanity….
sometimes in ways that other people cannot.
They do not worry about fame
or fortune…instead, they bring
our hearts nearer to the joy of
 simple things.
Each day they teach us little lessons
in trust and steadfast affection.
Whatever heaven may be,
There’s surely a place in it for
friends as good as these.

                                    Author Unknown

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